Game, simulation and app design and development.

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Stephen Vickers


I completed my PhD in Human-Computer Interaction in 2011 before continuing my work as a Research Fellow. With a focus on eye gaze control of computer games and game accessibility I have published several high impact articles  and have presented at conferences across the globe.  I have also developed modules and lectured in Game Design, Game Programming and Artificial Intelligence for graduate and post-graduate study.


Game development has been central to achieving my research goals.  From development of new methods of interaction to aid computer accessibility, to the creation of new games.
The use of computational intelligence and machine learning have supported this and allowed me to develop an expertise in computer vision, genetic algorithms and neural networks.


In Development

A selection of 

Past projects


Rota Simulation

Design and development of a rota simulation for an NHS emergency ambulance service. Using a genetic algorithm, staff rotas were redesigned and optimised based on rules supplied by the staff and operational requirements. The resultant rotas were implemented across the NHS trust.